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Rates and pricing

My prices

I accept multiple forms of compensation:

  • Fixed rates

    • Per hour

  • Royalty-based compensation

  • Preset fixed fees

All fees are subject to terms and conditions.

Fixed rates

For commission-based work, I utilise a standard hourly rate and rate per word. I can set up a quote based on a brief or offer an invoice upon a completion.


As is common in educational publishing, I'm happy to produce content on a royalty-basis.​ I ask for transparency in terms of the details of the contract, before starting  the assignment.

Financial Chart


Fixed fee

If you're tied to a specific budget, I offer my services for a fixed, agreed fee. I offer free consultations via email, phone, Skype and in person.


  • Custom fee per project or commission

  • Made to fit your budget and requirements

  • Free consultation before kick-off

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